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  • “[…] here is musicianship of the very highest order, teamwork at its’ best, and their impeccable phrasing and technical ability putting them at the forefront of duos of this ensemble.

    Classical Guitar Magazine, UK
  • “Twin sisters shine […] Nadia Labrie’s flute is bright and attractive [and] Annie Labrie’s accompanying is as tasteful as her arrangements […] never less than thoroughly enjoyable.”

    Gramophone Magazine
  • “It is as if they have a direct line to their spirit. This spirit filled the hall, enrapturing the audience, as they sat spellbound in the palms of their hands. […] Annie’s playing was exceptional. Nadia sent us on an ethereal journey that most can only dream about. It was heaven, I tell you!”

    Wichita Guitar Society, USA
  • “They play together naturally in a way that makes them seem more like the two hands of one pianist than two musicians playing rather different instruments.”

    Hampton Roads Norfolk, Virginia USA
  • «Expressivité, lyrisme, clarté du phrasé et de la forme, sonorité chatoyantes, souplesse musicale, virtuosité, sans oublier le plaisir contagieux qu’elles expriment à jouer ensemble.»

    Société de guitare de Montréal
  • “Their performance at the Calcutta Concert Hall (India) will be remembered for a long time.”

    Kolkata Plus newspaper, India
  • “They look and sound like wood nymphs, but they’re really musically accomplished […] They bring their impeccable musical credentials and crystalline interpretations […].

    Toronto Star
  • «Les jumelles Nadia et Annie Labrie ont de quoi être fières. Nota del Sol, leur deuxième disque, avait été couronné du Félix de l’album instrumental de 2004 et Fantasia […] devrait connaître les mêmes honneurs.»

    Journal de Montréal

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